20 thoughts on “Virtual Dissertation Groups

  1. Hi Joshua, sounds a great idea. I’m a PhD candidate in the UK working in political philosophy… Just wondering how wide ranging would the groups be? Would Political Theory/Philosophy be too far removed from philosophy to participate? Thanks

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    1. Hi Scott–We’ve had a very wide-range of topics thus far, and not just the “big” subdisciplines like M&E, Phil Lang, etc. I think that each semester we’ve had a couple of groups working in political philosophy, so we’d definitely love to have you aboard!

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    1. Hi N–Thanks for asking! It’s case by case for dissertations that aren’t “straight philosophy.” Shoot me an email (joshuasmart-at-gmail) with some details about the project/sort of thing you’d submit to the group, and we can chat about whether it would be a good fit. Cheers-JS


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